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SEO Design and Development

LeadsLab specialists take on projects of any complexity, and the working platform does not matter.

3 steps in SEO
1 Assessment: Current Speed, UX, Information Archiecture etc.

2 Implementation: Accordingly to a plan

3 Monitoring: Regularly monitor and analyze their results

We do it for you

As a business owner or head of department, you are busy with many tasks every day - from creating a product, selling it to managing the staff.

It is unlikely that you still want to dive into the search engine optimization of the site. But the site is your seller #1! Entrust this process to professionals. Optimizing a website is an ongoing process which uses several related digital marketing techniques.

Our work process

Website audit - we conduct an in-depth analysis of the website in order to understand what changes should be made in it first.

Competitor analysis - We analyze the strategies adopted by your competitors and let you understand the threats and opportunities.

Key words analysis - collecting the semantic core of the site and clustering requests.

Increase organic traffic to the site - and increasing of sales as a result.


What is the power of SEO?

Quality traffic
Brand Awareness
Improved UX
More Leads
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