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Graphic, Web and SMM design

If you do not like stereotypical design templates and are interested in original design, then our creative team will find the best solution.

Graphic design

Layouts, billboards, banners, citylights, showcases

Individual design:

We are ready to create Individual, impressive advertising design that will undoubtedly make your potential consumer to pay attention to your product or service!

All billboards, banners, citylights, shop windows, vehicles, etc. considered an effective method for promoting goods and services

As the result you will:

Attract attention with a simple and clear message.

Maximize your audience reach because of to original graphics.

Advertising will be remembered at a subconscious level even with infrequent contact with the carrier.

Web design

Websites, interfaces, advertising, infographics.

Correct web design:

The professional team of our agency is capable of performing any web design complexity and your site is guaranteed to become visible among the rest.

The correct web design must skillfully combine not only effective visual design, but also competent structuring of the information presented on the site.

SMM Design

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The "face":

The appearance of a profile, group, channel or page determines the impression the client makes of you. After all, the design of a corporate account on the Internet essentially represents the "face" of your company or brand.

How it works?

The beautifully and tastefully executed design of social networks always inspires the trust of visitors to business communities. Quality design will increase the number of of your subscribers (group members) in social networks, which means that more people will know about you and a significant part of newcomers will want to buy your product or to use your services.

It is recommended to effectively design those pages from which, according to web analytics, the largest number of visitors comes to your site and the largest volume of purchases occurs. Today we usually use such common Internet platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or YouTube to promote a business.


For Facebook, the main thing is the design of the Hero image (top of the page), avatar and publications, which should be informational.


Analysts recommend this network for all those products where the main emphasis is on visibility. On Instagram, the main attention is paid to the design of the account in a single architecture: the formation of images in a low color range, with the same ornament, etc.


Professional YouTube channel design involves the development of a header, logo and badge. The backbone of this network is video content, great for creativity and skills businesses.

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