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Website development

We desgn and code modern sites that look great on all platforms.

Landing pages

Landing page is a one-page site which purpose is to perform a certain user action - registration, order, subscription, etc.

Many entrepreneurs rely on them, because it is execty that websites which eventually bring new customers.

To create selling landing pages, our company uses author's best practices and 4 years of experience.


Our websites solve specific problems - and the user understands where he is and what he needs to do in 7 seconds. He can close the window, but he will come back to perform a specific action: application, purchase, consultation

Also we recommend:– Start search engine optimization (SEO) from the first steps of website creation. Please read about it below.

Our process

Projects are managed in Asana or Trello, which makes it easier for everyone in the workflow to interact. It's easy for us to make changes to functionality in real time. Briefly about our work:

1 Research: information about niche, product and competitors.

2 Development: clear technical assignments that does not raise unnecessary questions.

3 Do: development of application logic, drawing up a detailed map of screens with a description

4 Create: unique and efficient design.

5 Code: and Layout.

6 Launch: your website.
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