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Who are we?

We create, launch and manage effective Internet marketing campaigns!

Are you looking for an agency or specialist?
Let's work with you for a month and you will immediately see the result, since social networks and targeted advertising allow you to interact with a specific (just the right for you) audience in real time. In addition, during the first three days, we analyze the effectiveness of our advertising messages, which allows us to optimize advertising as quickly as possible and achieve the best results!

Our team has over four years of experience in the field of Internet promotion. We have very different clients working with us - medical clinics, travel agencies and hotels, English language schools and children's development centers, specialists in helping professions (massage, yoga, online courses) and developers of saas platforms.

  Our Team

Let's work and win together!


Founder & CEO

I graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, so I believe in the magic of numbers and research. An excellent understanding of the audience and its needs will help bring targeted traffic to your site.


MBAUX Design&Code Solutions Architect

Market/Business Analysis and User Experience currently are hottest topics (powerful tools) in digital. Design and Code remain two keys aspects in solutions delivery.



I am an illustrator with knowledge of academic painting and drawing. I draw on a graphics tablet and can create a unique graphic or character for you.


SMM менеджер

I will help you create unique visual and textual content for your business. I am for a bright, clear and modern design that will sell a product and service. I will be happy to help in the implementation of your projects.



I try to find an approach to each client - to create an individual visual style using graphics and words. I love bright, juicy modern design. I will be happy to help bring your ideal project to life.



I create unique content for websites that increases the visibility of pages by search engines. I come up with tools that make readers feel positive and want to stay on the site longer.

Our mission:

Help the development of small and medium-sized businesses with digital tools - attract more customers with online marketing tools.